Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Family Memories

So I am going to tell you about all the funny things that happened the week before Christmas. So my family of five my sister brother and parents went to the Great State of Texas. We don't go there very often but when we do we have a great time. This visit was to see one of my cousins graduate from college. So we get to Texas then go out to eat with my family, it was great. We had fun. The next morning very early we went to his graduation it was very very long. That night his church did a christmas play called The Really Really Big Christmas Show.  It was awesome. The next day we went to Louisana to have our Louisana family Chrismas party.  We had a great day, and that night we opened gifts. All my older guy cousins have girlfriends now and in Louisana you don't get good cell service. One of my cousins went out to call his girlfriend and when he came back in we asked him what her name was. He said her nick-name was Ni-Ni. My oldes girl cousin jumped out of her seat and hit her knees and said " Like Knee-knee?", it was funny.  So we did that the rest of the time. The other funny thing is when they would go out to call, all the ladies of the family would go outside and say, "Time to come in, come on, we miss you!"  Then we would play games, and it would get funny in the house. My aunt and uncle are expanding their house, and during the day there were a lot of workers working on the house, so it was busy. We would play games and that was funny.  I love my family.